Union County Building Permits (Oregon)

Building Departments in Union County, OR create and enforce building codes and zoning rules to ensure that buildings are safe. They also review and approve building plans and issue Union County building permits. These building permits may be required for land development, renovations, demolition, repairs, and other construction. Permits can show if a building meets Union County fire codes and other building regulations, demonstrate that a building is safe to occupy, and they can also be used to prove that a construction project holds a valid Union County building permit. Union County Building Departments provide information on which projects require a building permit, how to apply for a permit, and the rules for receiving a permit. They may also provide searchable databases of approved Union County building permits. Building Departments often provide online access to building permit rules and records.

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Building Inspectors in Union County, OR ensure that all construction projects meet building codes and regulations. They are responsible for monitoring designs, building materials, Union County building safety codes, and utilities like electricity and plumbing. As part of this job, Union County Building Inspectors issue permits for new construction, remodels, renovations, and planned construction. They also issue demolition, relocation, and occupancy permits, including inspection reports that verify that an Union County property is safe for residents. Building Inspectors maintain records and reports on their inspections and permits, which include information about the Union County property owners, the property, and whether the permit is valid. Their records also show Union County violations and work stoppage orders. They provide information on how to receive a permit as well as permit requirements, and much of this information may be available on the Building Inspector website.

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Town and City Halls in Union County, OR provide municipal services for their community, such as preserving vital records and issuing and filing building permits. These Union County building permits may be required for a number of construction projects, including renovations, demolitions, repairs, land development, and planned construction. They may also issue land use permits related to property boundary lines, as well as occupancy permits that certify that a building meets code and can be occupied by residents in Union County, Oregon. These records can be used to prove that a construction project has a valid Union County permit, find approved and rejected permit applications, or to look up building permit requirements, apply for a permit, or search for approved permits. Town and City Halls typically provide online access to their building permit services.

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